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Среда, 17.10.2018, 04:49
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Ил-96-300 модель v.3.1
] 01.02.2008, 21:27
Категория: Визуалка | Добавил: il-96-dev-team | Автор: Кирилл Коновалов
Просмотров: 4797 | Загрузок: 1827 | Комментарии: 5 | Рейтинг: 4.3/9 |
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Gentlemen, I am waiting for Version 3.1 because I am writing for the german site


Yes, we have a tradition to fly all the freeware-aircraft from Russia. Many of us are from the former eastern part of Germany and here is interest in Russian and former soviet aircraft. an I hope, that it is not unfair to test Your aircraft and write about it... at this state. Is it possible to get a complete copy of Version 3.1? Sorry, but I see no links for this new version. Is it available or in development? Iam especcialy looking for President Putin´s Il-96-300,
RA 96012...

Please inform me and we see. I want to check out at Your aircraft before I go to a Rehab on 22.4. If it is not possible so soon, I give Your aircraft in the hands of two qualified member´s of our team.

With kind regards

Andreas R. Schmidt



А почему нельзя скачать в zip ?

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